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Realtor: Genie Irish
Location: 3965 5th Ave, San Diego, California 92103
Contact: (619) 796-9100

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Elizabeth Q.

Genie is the best. She was informative and guided me every step of the way, answering all questions and staying in contact constantly. I am an out of town seller so this was especially helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone and would not hesitate to use her services again. Thanks, Genie!

Giblin Family

Genie is one of my younger sister’s friends and we bonded over a similar approach that we both have with our clients while on my sister’s bachelorette party in Napa. Her typical deals are $350k to $650k and I was so impressed with her I used her for our home we just bought. It was Genie’s first deal over $1M on her own and I don’t think it would have closed without her help. Genie’s emotional intelligence, creativity and coaching helped us secure our forever home. I can honestly say Genie’s commitment, dedication and level of communication was stellar. My husband loved working with her too and he is a very direct communicator. She does approximately 30+ transactions a year – and is 100% self-made. Her mom has always cleaned houses (still does) and put Genie through college. When our home closed in September, Genie crossed one more thing off her bucket list and bought her mom a car that next weekend. (I may or may not have cried when I saw her post on Instagram) She is the only referral I have that I truly know and trust. Genie cares more about her clients than she does the deal. Thank you Genie!!

Nancy Hauser

Genie was amazing from beginning to end! We had placed an offer about a year ago and it didn't work our at the time. Throughout this year she would send us from time to time places for us to consider or to stop by and see.She was very patient and great with us throughout the whole processs. She would come with us to see places that we we're interested in all the time. She always went above and beyond! She understood exactly what were looking for in regards to location, price and must haves for our house. I really appreciate her responsiveness, attention to detail and above all her flexibility! She was great at giving recommendations, information about the area and came prepared to provide us information of listings around the area as comparisons. I greatly appreciated her honesty. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her again! Her level of professionalism is fantastic!

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Eli M.
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

Genie is the best when it comes to real estate agents. Dealing with her is like working with a friend. She listens, looks out for your investment, is always available and will do anything within her reach to get you in that dream home. I don't have enough words to describe her positive and professional capacity. Highly recommend!

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Roxy L.
Spring Valley, CA

Genie is the best realtor I have ever worked with!!! She helped me purchase my first house May 2015!

I purchased a new condo in 2007 from the builders realtor who didn't help much... I started looking for homes to purchase in 2014 but I could not find a realtor I trusted until I met Genie... She was very understanding to my concerns and assisted me through the ENTIRE process. I had questions galore and Genie made sure I understood what was going on every step of the way.

TRUST ME when I say , TRUST Genie! During the home inspection process, a possible foundation issue was discovered.

Of course family and friends wanted to give me their "professional" words of wisdom when they heard "foundation issue".... What I was hearing from them really scared me since I had never had to deal with a home inspection....

Genie helped me 100% , even had an engineer look into the foundation and made absolute sure I understood what the problem was... Ultimately it was minor and fixed !

Genie kept in contact with me after my home purchase and gave me pointers for renting my condo! THEN low and behold...,. My master bath shower faucet started leaking...

The sellers provided a one year warranty with the purchase... I contacted the warranty company about the leak and I ran into a COMPLETE customer service nightmare leading to a denial of my claim!!! I called Genie and told her what had happened because I didn't understand what the company was telling me I needed to do to get the faucet fixed... Genie once again reached out to her contacts and fought for me against the insurance company!!! I had a plumber at my house the next day installing a new shower valve and faucet covered by the warranty company.

Thank you Genie!!!

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Selina R.
San Diego, CA

I have referred Genie several times to clients and friends. Her knowledge of San Diego real estate is well beyond her years and she's the "real deal" that will give you the facts. Highly recommended!

Ben and Kim Melton
Spring Valley

My husband and I purchased our first home together this year but had to sell my condo first so we hired Genie for both. We couldn't have imagined a better experience working with a realtor! She explained the process to us as we went and educated us, helping us feel confident in our decisions. Genie also listened to our desires and gave us honest feedback when it came to the real estate market and our budget. We are beyond grateful for how much Genie fought for us to get the house of our dreams!!! Thank you so much Genie!

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Kari K.
Arlington, VA

Although I didn't get a chance to meet Genie in person, she's been a big help and very professional in assisting me with information about California real estate. I recommend her.

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